Jeanne Townsend Handy

About the Writer

Jeanne Townsend Handy’s diversified educational background, which includes an M.A. in Environmental Studies, a B.A. in English, and an A.A.S., informs her writing through a unique combination of environmental, literary, and medical perspectives.  A two-year internship with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and her current position with the Illinois State Water Survey as part of a floodplain mapping project have provided behind-the-scenes insight into the issues of contamination and floodplain encroachment.  She is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and has been writing about the environment since 1999, covering topics such as wetland and prairie restoration, Superfund contamination, and threatened species.  Her articles have portrayed the perceptions and efforts of people in the environmental frontlines, from biologists to fishermen.  In 2005, she received the Jacqueline Jackson Award for Authorial Excellence from the University of Illinois at Springfield. 

About the Photographer

Tom Handy has worked professionally in photography and computer graphics since the late 80's. His images, which include underwater photographs, have been published alongside the writing of Jeanne Townsend Handy. He has focused his lens primarily upon environmental subjects, which have ranged from the expansive to the metaphorical and nuanced. He has also worked extensively in environmental portraiture, capturing people and their surroundings. In addition, his graphics have been featured in numerous brochures, posters, and websites.



Tom Handy


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